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Board members are dedicated to supporting our students and program. Their leadership is essential to steering the organization's goals.

Back Row (Left to Right): Mike Brost, Maureen Hanson, John Harris, Craig Mahood

Front Row (Left to Right): Ruth Cole, Sara Miller, Shayla Stevenson

Not Pictured: Ana Hernandez, Dr. Greg Hoekstra and Nicholas Pfeiffer

Over the years, I've been a parent of a student, volunteer, and board member, The Job Foundation has played a major role in my family's life. The Job Foundation poured out into my daughter by educating her on life lessons, financial awareness, and charitable giving, which has paid off during her college career making her debt free. The lessons presented to the young people echoed in my life as I sat and listened as a volunteer. This allowed me to be introduced to people with resources and connections that gave me opportunities to grow as a woman and parent.


The Job Foundation is not only a program that young people can learn and grow from, but a program that allows adults to learn and grow all while helping the foundation grow.


We've all heard the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child.' It also takes a community to help us all grow.


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