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We are so proud of our program graduates. Collectively, these students have earned $28,658.54 and have completed 1,050 financial literacy and leadership lessons.

Back Row (Left to Right): Devontez, Karma, Amarie, Kailah, DeJuan

Front Row: Yasmin

Graduate featured on Iowa Public Radio's "Talk of Iowa"
Click here to listen to Dominiqua's conversation with Charity Nebbe!

"Because of The Job Foundation, I was introduced to a lot of great people that continued to play a big role in my life even after high school graduation. I will graduate from Iowa State University debt free because of the impact of The Job Foundation. I continue to share the skills I have learned and adopted with my peers and soon my students as I enter into my career as an elementary school teacher."



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Criteria for seniors to graduate from The Job Foundation's program:

  • Complete 6-Month Budget Plan

  • Obtain Driver's License

  • Have at least 6-Months of Combined Work/Volunteerism

  • Present Reconciled Checkbook Register

  • Spending Plan for Savings

  • Complete Annual Volunteer Hours

  • Complete Credit Building Requirement

  • Complete FAFSA

  • Complete One College Application

  • Register to Vote

  • Register for Selective Service

  • Attend Graduation Orientation Meeting

  • Attend Annual Affirmation Event

  • Be Current on All Financial Literacy Lessons

  • Open a Secure Loan

  • Pass Exit Exam

  • Agreement to Respond One Year After Graduation

  • Complete Exit Survey

"Besides the financial aspect of it, The Job Foundation has allowed me to be a part of a family. I've met lifelong friends through this program. It's helped me to view and understand the importance of dealing with your money properly. The Job Foundation has showed me that giving just a little can go a long way... Personally, I wish every kid growing up had a program like this to experience. It has definitely been a life changing experience."



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