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Volunteer to help ALL PEOPLE ACHIEVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS! It takes a village to raise the economic bar for all children. Be part of the team!

Volunteer as an individual or family

Opportunities are available to suit your schedule!

Opportunities working directly with students include:

  • Mentoring and/or tutoring (2-4 times per month)

  • Elementary Financial and Leadership Lessons (held in small groups 3x/year)

  • Middle School Financial and Leadership Lessons (held weekly during the school year on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m.)

  • High School groups (held monthly in the evenings)

  • Large group events such as Shopping Day, Wellness Night, Nature Day and Family Night Meetings (about 1x per month)

  • Provide transportation for students and their families so they can attend our events 


We love those who make it happen behind the scenes! Volunteer opportunities that do not include working with students include:

  • Board and committee work (Education Committee, Finance Committee, IT Committee, and Parent Advisory Committee)

  • Various office work

  • Technology and data

We are a Certified Mentoring Program in the State of Iowa. Extensive background checks, screening, and training processes are required for all volunteers. This process varies in intensity depending on your level of involvement with the students. The process begins by simply contacting us and getting to know each other. We welcome any interested volunteer who is unsure if they would pass our screening process to discuss the matter with us.

For more information on volunteering, contact
Dorothy Roby, Program Director

Phone: 319-823-1095

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