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Education is the cornerstone of The Job Foundation program. Financial education happens in the classroom and in real-life situations. Three times each year, elementary and middle school students put what they learn into action during supervised shopping events. 

Students complete a spending plan, balance their checkbook register and track their purchases. Shopping day creates the opportunity to put the program concepts into action. We celebrate the successes when students chose to purchase a need over a want or when money is left over in their checking account after a day of shopping. 

We track spending behaviors at our shopping events


Purchased Needs


Purchased Wants


Purchased Gifts


Donated to Charity


Saved Extra Money


Program in Action

Ra'Tavius is a middle school student. During a recent Shopping Day event, Ra'Tavius was looking for basketball  shoes. He completed his spending plan and knew how much he could spend. He estimated the amount of tax he would be charged to make sure his budget included that line item. He went to one store and found a great looking pair of shoes. But they were uncomfortable. He walked away and went to a second store. He found a pair of shoes that were a different brand but much more comfortable. He carefully compared the shoe prices and checked that against his checking account balance. Smart shopping! 

Ra'Tavius is using his Veridian debit card attached to his Job checking account to purchase his shoes. 

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Annual Reports

Check Out Our 2020-2021 Annual Report: click here to download or click the PDF below

Check Out Our 2018-2019 Annual Report: click here to download or click the PDF below

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