Current Amount in Students' Long-Term Savings Accounts


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Average Percentage of Students Who Save More Than Required


Number of Students Served by the Foundation Since 2006

The Job

Touching the lives of students for over 15 years, we strive for a better tomorrow through financial education, mentoring, leadership development and resources for the cause of economic advancement.



Financial education classes are held throughout the year. Topics are age-appropriate starting with wants vs. needs for our elementary students on up to smart investment principles for our high schoolers. Leadership development is weaved in each lesson. Students take regular financial exams to test proficiency of financial concepts and to stay on track with the program.



Students receive conditional earnings that are tied to good grades, behaviors and attendance at school. A minimum of 60% of earnings is held in long-term savings accounts and can be accessed upon completion of the program and High School graduation. The remaining 40% of earnings may be spent during supervised shopping trips. This “hands-on learning” experience provides the opportunity to write budgets, comparison shop, balance checkbooks, give charitably, provide for their families and so much more.



Each student is matched with a mentor who serves as a long-term positive adult role model. The Job Foundation serves the entire family and offers financial education to parents and guardians. We also have fun—we have annual bowling, wellness and summer fun outings. Our team of mentors, volunteers and their families build bridges in our community.